Community Development

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Huset Parkway_thumbThe Community Development Department is responsible for the long range planning activities of the City, Zoning Administration, enforcement of land use control ordinances, code enforcement and the City’s economic development activities. The department provides staff services to the Planning Commission and City Council by evaluating and administering applications for Conditional Use Permits, zoning changes, variances, etc. The department administers all aspects of the Comprehensive Plan and is under the overall direction of the Community Development Director.  In addition, the Department coordinates business licensing and building inspections through the Building Department. 

The Community Development Department also coordinates the City’s Economic Development through the Economic Development Authority by using endeavors through marketing, redevelopment and downtown revitalization, and beautification.  The Community Development Department achieves this by implementing the following activities:

  • Building Inspections 
  • Business and Liquor Licensing 
  • Economic Development 
  • Housing Programs 
  • Planning and Zoning 
For more information, contact the Community Development Director.